Cameroon Development Corporation Moving On

The Cameroon Development Corporation is a State owned Corporation. It is the greatest employer after the Cemeroon Public service. At its head, there is a Board of Directors which deliberates on polices and sets orientations, headed by a Chairman, Chief Henry Namata Elangwe. The Chief executive officer is the General Manager, Chief Henry Njalla Quan. The year 2008 marks a remarkable watershed and was one with great revelations for the corporation. She underwent a complete cycle of metamorphosis in terms of upgrading manpower, ameliorating living conditions of workers, remuneration and of course breaking new grounds. The General Manager himself asserts that there is a need to make the corporation more lucrative in the wake of Privatization. Underscoring that stimulated productivity would make its bargaining power higher. Yet, the greatest stride still remains the quest to promote the growth of the Corporation. Realistically, the need to relocate the corporation given the encroachment of urbanism and the attendant problems had become paramount.

It is this vein that innovations initiated like the Boa plain Oil Palm Development Project, the Matouke Rubber and Tiko plain Banana extension projects have been well acclaimed.


The objectives are to maintain and improve on the capacity of CDC oil plantations. There is a dire need to rejuvenate as well as take care of aging plantations. By replanting 8,000 hectares and extending 6,000 hectares. The first planting will be declared matured by 1st July 2012. With New agricultural techniques in place, the yield per hectare will increase from 7 tons/ha to 15-20 tons/ha. At peak 85,000 tons of FFB per year will be expected. It will also create 3,000 new jobs.


Has the same objective as in the Oil Palm Project. In Matouke area there exist vast expanses of suitable land which are generally flat to very gently undulating well drained deep gravel free soils. CDC is to develop 6,000 hecters of rubber fields by 2012. This project on completion will comprise two estates. About 1,800 hectares can be used for small holder’s type development scheme which will be beneficial to the local community by stabilizing income and creation of jobs and wealth about 1,500 to 2,000 jobs.


Responding to the Cameroon’s government policy to increase banana export tonnage from 200,000 tons to 400,000 tons by 2012, CDC Management embarked on the Banana Expansion Project in the Tiko plain. This gave Kudos to great events, that unfolded on November 19th, 2009 at the Pavilion de Bercy in Paris – France. The launching of a 100% Cameroon banana brand, the MAKOSSA and SAWA Bananas.

Management is aware of the important flora and fauna of the plain and the livelihood of the inhabitants. CDC is therefore considering all the sectors such as land for human settlement, community farms, small holders plantations and forest reserves. About 2.418 hectares of land will not be developed for plantation agriculture but will be retained I, perpetuity as forest for biodiversity conservation.



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