Culture & Heritage
Liverpool oozes culture and heritage. The city has a glorious past as a mercantile hub an gateway to the New World, but today it is also a key destination for art lovers, fans of the theatre and museumgoers.
Art isa huge theme for the city n 2011. Tate Liverpool wiLl be staging s major René Magritte exhibition, called The Pleasure Principle, in the summer. This will be the first big show 0f the Belgian Surrealist’s work in the UK for almost 20 years. There will also be a new Alice in Wonderland exhibition from November, exploring the influence of Lewis Carroll’s iconic atones and characters on modem and contemporary art.
The city bas numerous permanent art attractions too. Visit the Walker Art Gallery, the national gallery 0f the North-ask at reception for a helpful guide to the highlights, including works by Hockney, Degas, Turner and Rembrandt, all of which are housed on the first floor.