Sport in Liverpool

Liverpool is footy mad. It is home to two of the Premiership’s biggest football teams, making football a religion in the city and a topic that is the source of much heated debate in the city’s pubs.

Its inhabitants are cleanly divided between support for the Reds, or Liverpool FC, and the Blues, or Everton FC. The Reds, once again under King Kenny’s rule, have one of the largest trophy cabinets in football today, with an impressive 18 League titles, five European Cups and seven FA Cups. Founded in 1878, the Blues have always been at the forefront of English football and are a founding member of the Football League, winning their first match against Accrington in 1888. Wirral Peninsula’s own Tranmere Rovers have just as passionate a following, including celebrity fans such as Elvis Costello and Half Mao Halt Biscuit.